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	<title>Licenses | Safe Crypt App</title>
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    <h1><span class="circle">i</span>&nbsp; Credits and Licenses</h1>
    <div class="hyphenate">
		This app is a derivative work of the
		Encryption App created by Mark Angelov and published by the 
		<a href="">TutorialZine</a>
		under their own permissive <a href="../licenses/tutorialzine.html">license</a><span class="linkout">*</span>.
		The current app employs browser's native 
		<a href="">Web Cryptography API</a><span class="linkout">*</span>
		through a slightly modified version of Dan Davis' wrapper 
		<a href="">aes4js</a><span class="linkout">*</span>, 
		licensed under the <a href="../licenses/aes4js.html">MIT License</a> (Expat).
		The app uses the <a href="">jQuery</a><span class="linkout">*</span> 
		library, which is also licensed under the 
		<a href="../licenses/jQuery.html">MIT license</a> (Expat).
		The <a href="">current author</a><span class="linkout">*</span>
		is responsible for the modified code,
		and it is <a href="../licenses/safe-crypt-app.html">licensed</a> in its current form under the 
		<a href="../licenses/GPL-3.0.html">GNU General Public License Version&nbsp;3</a>.<br />
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