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<h1>Privacy policy</h1>

<p>This website does not set or use any cookies, including third-party cookies.</p>

<p>This website does not store any additional information in your browser, 
either temporarily or permanently.</p>

<p>This website does not use any trackers (scripts that derive information about you).

<p>This website does not use any web beacons (single-pixel images).</p>

<p>This website does not access your microphone, camera, or geolocation.</p>

<p>This website does not use any scripts that collect non-essential information about your device,
installed software,
or your network environment
(such as scripts that perform a TCP or UDP port scan on your device).</p>

<!-- p>This website contains links to external websites. 

<p>This website does not attempt to fingerprint your browser, but it requests
the orientation and the dimensions of your display. 
This is done to improve the layout of the pages.
<!-- It also checks whether your browser supports the 
<a href="">webp</a> image format.
This is done to scale the pages correctly and to
deliver images in the most efficient format. -->

<p>This website loads the <a href="">jQuery</a> library from
<a href="">Google Hosted Libraries</a>
but does not interact with any other external websites.</p>

<p>This website is located
in the Netherlands, in the European Union.
Hosting service is provided by 
<a href="">DigitalOcean</a>.</p>

<p>The web server providing this website creates log files.
These files log visitors when they visit the website.
The information collected by the log files for each page visit includes the following:
<ul>	<li>a date and time stamp,</li>
	<li>Internet protocol (IP) address of the visitor as seen by the server,</li>
	<li>browser type and version used by the visitor,</li>
	<li>visitor's operating system, if the information is available,</li>
	<li>a status code (success, redirection, forbidden, not found, er&zwsp;ror), and</li>
	<li>the number of bytes transferred.</li></ul>

<p>As a visitor's IP address can possibly be connected to a data subject (person), 
the IP addresses are therefore treated as personal data as defined by the EU 
<a href="">General Data Protection Regulation</a> 
(GDPR, <a href="">EUR-Lex</a>).
This website does not collect any other personal data.</p>

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<p>The log files are required to monitor and maintain the security of the website and 
to troubleshoot and maintain the website server.
The processing of the log data is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests
of the website owner, see 
<a href="">GDPR Article 6 - Lawfulness of processing</a>.
The log files are encrypted within 24 hours of their creation with a hybrid cryptosystem based on 
<a href="">AES</a> and 
<a href="">RSA</a>.
<!-- <a href="">RSA</a> -->
Logs are never moved across borders outside the EU.
All log files are deleted after a maximum of 15 days.

<p>You have the following rights to your personal data, see 
<a href="">GDPR Chapter 3 - Rights of the data subject</a>
for details:</p>
<ul>	<li>right to access your data,</li>
	<li>right to get your data rectified,</li>
	<li>right to get your data erased (&ldquo;right to be forgotten&rdquo;),</li>
	<li>right to restrict the processing of your data,</li>
	<li>right to get notified regarding rectification, erasure, and restriction of processing of your data,</li>
	<li>right to transfer your data without hindrance to another controller, and</li>
	<li>right to object the processing of your data, that is, request that the data not be processed at all.</li>

<p>If you think your data protection rights have been breached 
you can, as an EU citizen, file a complaint with any national 
<a href="">Data Protection Authority</a>
within the EU.</p>

<!-- <a href="">Data Protection Authority</a>
within the EU.</p> -->

<p>The owner and controller (as defined by <a href="">GDPR Article 4</a>) of the website is 
<a href="">Petri Kutvonen</a> and he can be contacted via e-mail at 
<a href=""></a>.
The data processor (also defined by <a href="">GDPR Article 4</a>) 
is the hosting provider <a href="">DigitalOcean</a>.

<p>The right to revise this privacy policy to make it more accurate is reserved. 
The <a href="">Privacy policy</a> link always leads to the current policy.</p>

<p><em>Last revised November 14, 2020</em></p>
<p><em>Previous versions:
<a href="privacy-2020-10-08.html">October 8, 2020</a> -
<a href="privacy-2020-09-27.html">September 27, 2020</a>