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	<title>Compatibility | Safe Crypt App</title>
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    <h1><span class="circle">i</span>&nbsp; Browser compatibility</h1>
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		This page lists browsers that have been tested for 
		compatibility with the Safe Crypt&nbsp;App<a class="anon" href="#note1"><sup>1</sup></a>.
		Incompatible browsers have either an incomplete implementation of data URLs
		or they lack the Web Cryptography&nbsp;API.
		The&nbsp;browsers tested are the latest versions available at the time of the testing, 
		January&#x2006;&ndash;&#x2006;October 2021.
	<h2>Windows 10</h2>
		<li><span class="ok">OK:</span> Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave, Firefox, 
		    Min<a class="anon" href="#note2"><sup>2</sup></a>, 
		    Vivaldi<a class="anon" href="#note3"><sup>3</sup></a>, 
		    Slimjet, Yandex&nbsp;Browser, Tor Browser</li>
		<li><span class="notok">Not OK:</span> Internet Explorer, Edge Legacy, BlueSky</li>
	<h2>Ubuntu 20.04<a class="anon" href=#note4"><sup>4</sup></a></h2>
		<li><span class="ok">OK:</span> Chrome, Opera, Edge<a class="anon" href="#note5"><sup>5</sup></a>, 
		    Web (Epiphany)<a class="anon" href="#note6"><sup>6</sup></a>, 
		    Firefox<a class="anon" href="#note6"><sup>6</sup></a>, Brave, 
		    Min<a class="anon" href="#note2"><sup>2</sup></a>,
		    Vivaldi<a class="anon" href="#note3"><sup>3</sup></a>, 
		    Chromium, Slimjet</li>
		<li><span class="notok">Not OK:</span> Konqueror, Midori</li>
	<h2>Android 10&#x2006;&ndash;&#x200a;11</h2>
		<li><span class="ok">OK:</span> Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave</li>
		<li><span class="notok">Not OK:</span> Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Tor&nbsp;Browser, Dolphin, InBrowser, UC&nbsp;Browser,
		    Samsung Internet Browser, Yandex&nbsp;Browser</li>
	<h2>iOS/iPadOS 14&#x2006;&ndash;&#x200a;15</h2>
		<li><span class="ok">OK:</span> Safari</li>
		<li><span class="notok">Not OK:</span> Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, DuckDuckGo,
		    Dolphin, Private&nbsp;Browsing, Ghostery, Yandex&nbsp;Browser, Onion&nbsp;Browser, OrNET,
	<h2>macOS 10.15&#x2006;&ndash;&#x200a;11.6</h2>
		<li><span class="ok">OK:</span> Safari, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox</li>
		<li><span class="notok">Not OK:</span> (none tested)</li>
    <div class="hyphenate">
	_______________<br />
		<li id="note1">In many cases, but not in all, trying to use an incompatible browser causes an er&zwsp;ror message.</li>
		<li id="note2">Does not support preview of decrypted text files.</li>
		<li id="note3">Can have problems with files larger than &#x2248;&#x200a;20&#x2009;Mbytes.</li>
		<li id="note4">Not systematically tested, but this probably applies to all contemporary Linux distributions.</li>
		<li id="note5">Dev Channel version</li>
		<li id="note6">Works, but can be remarkably slow in 
		    the <span class="sc">SAVE&nbsp;FILE</span> phase with files larger than &#x2248;&#x200a;10&#x2009;Mbytes.</li>
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