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		<title>Safe Crypt App | AES cryptography web application</title>

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		<meta name="description" content="The Safe Crypt App allows you to easily encrypt and decrypt files using the AES-256 cipher in GCM mode. The app works locally in your browser by using JavaScript." />
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		<div id="stage">

			<div id="step1">
				<div class="content">
					<h1><span class="sitename">Safe Crypt App</span><br />What do you want to do?</h1>
					<a class="button encrypt green">Encrypt a file</a>
					<a class="button decrypt magenta">Decrypt a file</a>
					<h2>With this web app you can encrypt and decrypt files with 
					    <span class="sm">256&nbsp;</span>bit <span class="sm">AES&nbsp;</span>cipher 
					    in <span class="sm">GCM&nbsp;</span>mode.
					    It&nbsp;works locally in your browser. No&nbsp;data is ever sent over the network.</h2>
						<h2><strong>JAVASCRIPT MUST BE ENABLED TO USE THIS APP!</strong></h2>

			<div id="step2">

				<div class="content if-encrypt">
					<h1 id="h-encrypt">Choose file to encrypt</h1>
					<form id="f-encrypt">
						<input type="file" id="encrypt-input" aria-labelledby="h-encrypt" />
					<a class="button browse blue">Open file</a>
					<h2>An encrypted copy of the file will be&nbsp;generated.</h2>

				<div class="content if-decrypt">
					<h1 id="h-decrypt">Choose file to decrypt</h1>
					<a class="button browse blue">Open file</a>
					<form id="f-decrypt">
						<input type="file" id="decrypt-input" aria-labelledby="h-decrypt" />
					<h2>Only files encrypted by this tool can be decrypted.
					    Only this tool can decrypt files encrypted&nbsp;by&nbsp;it.</h2>


			<div id="step3">

				<div class="content if-encrypt">
					<h1 id="h-enc-phrase">Enter a passphrase</h1>
					<form id="f-encrypt-p">
						<input id="i-enc" type="password" autocomplete="off" aria-labelledby="h-enc-phrase" />
						<input id="i-enc-r" type="text" onKeydown='$.noop;' /> 
					<a class="button process red">Encrypt!</a>
					<h2>The passphrase must have at least 16&nbsp;characters.
					    Write it down or remember it, the file cannot be decrypted without&nbsp;it.
					    Click <span class="sm">ENCRYPT</span> (not&nbsp;<strong>&#x23ce;</strong>) to continue.</h2>

				<div class="content if-decrypt">
					<h1 id="h-dec-phrase">Enter the passphrase</h1>
					<form id="f-decrypt-p">
						<input id="i-dec" type="password" autocomplete="off" aria-labelledby="h-dec-phrase" />
						<input id="i-dec-r" type="text" onKeydown='$.noop;' /> 
					<a class="button process red">Decrypt!</a>
					<h2>Enter the passphrase that was used to encrypt this file.
					    It is not possible to decrypt it without&nbsp;it.
					    Click <span class="sm">DECRYPT</span> (not&nbsp;<strong>&#x23ce;</strong>) to continue.</h2>


			<div id="step4">

				<div class="content">
					<h1>Your file is ready!</h1>
					<a class="button download save">Save file</a>
					<h2>Click <span class="sm">SAVE&nbsp;FILE</span> and 
					    <span class="wait">wait</span> for the file to be saved.
					    The&nbsp;file will be placed in your <strong>Download(s)</strong> folder 
					    if&nbsp;you are not asked where to save&nbsp;it.
					    The&nbsp;file is local even if you are asked to &ldquo;download&rdquo;&nbsp;it.</h2>


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		<script src="assets/js/aes4js.js"
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