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Encrypt a file Decrypt a file

With this web app you can encrypt and decrypt files with 256 bit AES cipher in GCM mode.
It runs locally in your browser.
Data is never transmitted over the network.

Choose file to encrypt

Open file

An encrypted copy of the file will be generated.

Choose file to decrypt

Open file

Only files encrypted by this tool can be decrypted. Only this tool can decrypt files encrypted by it.

Enter a passphrase


The passphrase must have at least 16 characters (Unicode BMP). Write it down or remember it, the file cannot be decrypted without it. Click ENCRYPT (not ) to continue.

Enter the passphrase


Enter the passphrase that was used to encrypt this file. It is not possible to decrypt it without it. Click DECRYPT (not ) to continue.

Your file is ready!

Save file

Click SAVE FILE and wait ⌛ for the file to be saved. The file will be placed in your Download(s) folder if you are not asked where to save it. The file is local even if you are asked to “download” it.